Last month I visited Botanic Gardens in Utrecht. Even though you may think that fall is not the best time of the year to visit any gardens, it was still worth seeing. It’s full of educational routes for adults and children. Botanische Tuinen are located in Utrecht Science Park and belong to Utrecht University.

Botanic Gardens Utrecht

Botanic Gardens are open for visitors everyday from 1st March till 1st December. Opening hours: 10 am – 4:30 pm. Except for plants, you can see bird houses, bee hives (you can also take a peek inside one) and butterfly conservatory.

You can also find educational routes in Botanische Tuinen, both for adults and children. There is an interactive route about dinosaurs for youngsters. Others may be more interested in routes that explain industrial use of plants, as well as production and medicine.

Butterflies enjoying their meal in butterfly conservatory.

Entrance prices are really affordable. Adult (18-65) ticket costs €8.50, adults 65+ will pay €7. Tickets for children (13-18) cost €3.50, kids younger than 13 years can enter for free.

There is also an option for group tours with a guide. Group has to be at least 15 people. Each person will pay €7 for the entrance.

And last but not least, if you have Museum card, entrance costs €0.

Nature changes throughout the year, so do the gardens. Every time you visit Botanische Tuinen in Utrecht, it’s a different experience. I have captured some of it on pictures. Video below is a collage of the pictures from my visit. Feel free to watch, if you are interested.

On my way back home I spotted this tea kettle on the roof of the building next to Utrecht Centraal Station. Anyone knows what it is about? I had my Alice in Wonderland moment 😅

Tea kettle on the roof, Utrecht