Dutch trade minister released the new official logo of the Netherlands, which will be used from January next year. It’s part of a plan to stop promoting the Netherlands abroad as ‘Holland’.

Holland logo
Old logo – orange Holland with a tulip

Country as a whole is frequently referred as ‘Holland’, even though it’s a name of two Dutch provinces – Noord Holland and Zuid Holland. Ten other provinces seemed to be left behind in promoting abroad and it’s about to change. Officials hope that rebranding will give some more attention to the country as a whole and tourists will be more willing to visit other parts of the Netherlands as well.

Being flooded with tourism is a serious problem for major cities, primary example being Amsterdam. It got to the point where they were forced to take action against this problem. They were even considering banning Airbnb in Amsterdam. So far they came up with strict short term renting regulations to try to control said problem.

New logo of the Netherlands

New logo costed €200 000. It’s orange (of course 😉) and also has tulip reference, but this time is more subtle.

If I am being honest, I’m not sure if this rebranding will change the way other nations see the Netherlands. Well, it will take years, just like getting to the point they are at now.

I really hope it will work eventually because the Netherlands is a great country and it’s not just ‘legal’ marijuana, gay rights, tulips, windmills and bikes. There’s so much more to discover and experience.

What do you think about this rebranding of the Netherlands? Do you like the new logo? Let me know!