I love making stuff on my own. I’d rather figure out how to make something, than go and buy it readymade. So when I was looking for a new case for my e-cigarette, after looking at products available for the model I have, I figured I make it on my own. I already had all the stuff needed to make this DIY project at home. Even though the case I made is for my e-cigarette, you can use such case to store whatever you like.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to promote vaping and as a nicotine addict I beg you not to start smoking/vaping, if you haven’t already. Just my two cents before starting the tutorial.

Things You’ll Need For This DIY

  • packing foam
  • piece of material
  • ribbon
  • needle and thread

All materials used in this DIY project are recycled by me and had other purpose before. I save packing foam and boxes from parcels coming my way to use it when I send something by mail. Piece of material used here used to be a bag I got when I purchased Dr. Martens boots. And last but not least, the ribbon came with a set of cleaning towels. I highly encourage you to look around for stuff you already have before buying something new.

How to Make DIY Case

1. Grab all the stuff needed for this project.

2. Measure things you want to store in your case and cut the foam and piece of material accordingly. Don’t forget to leave small margins at the edges to sew the material together.

3. Place packing foam between two pieces of material (see image below). I used clips to make sure it won’t move while I sew.

4. After sewing the material together, bend it and secure it with clips again. This is the shape I went for.

5. Sew the edges together.

6. Last but not least, we need something to be able to close our new case. I picked the ribbon but you can easily go for something else, e.g. zipper. I sewed it on the edges of the material to keep it simple and not too much work 😉

7. Voilà, DIY case is done. You can put the things you want to keep in it inside.

Do you like to reuse and give the stuff you already own a new life or you’d rather buy something new from the store? Are you a fan of DIYs in general? Let me know!