Would you like to start learning Dutch but you don’t know where to start and which course is the right one for you? University of Groningen created a free basic Dutch course available on FutureLearn e-learning platform and I think you may want to try it!

Learning a new language can be a difficult task, especially in the beginning. Finding the right course, memorizing basics of a foreign language… University of Groningen came up with an online course that is meant to get you started from A0 level.

Here’s a video of summary of the first week of the Dutch course:

Dutch course by University of Groningen contains 3 weeks of learning. After you sign up for this free course, you will get access to video and audio materials that allow you to learn the basics of the language at your own pace. You can also check your knowledge by taking quizzes.

There’s also an additional option to upgrade your course. This upgrade will give you extended access to the course and you will be able to get certificate afterwards. It’s optional and I personally didn’t want to upgrade but maybe you’ll find it useful.

Even though it is not my first Dutch course and I was worried that I may be bored by the materials available in this basic course, in the first week I found some interesting information that was not provided by other courses I took. So I would recommend it not only to people who haven’t already started their Dutch journey but also to beginners who would like to practice more and test their knowledge.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, if you will take it to another level!

Sign up for the Dutch course by University of Groningen here.

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