When I was planning my move to the Netherlands, I knew I had to start learning Dutch. I prefer self study because of my schedule and freedom it gives me. Mobile apps such as Memrise, Duolingo and Babbel allow you to learn chosen language on your own. Today I will focus on Memrise app, as it is the one I enjoyed the most.

Memrise gives you access not only to language courses but also other categories, e.g. math and science, history, literature, memory training. You can even find career courses on Memrise. Some of these are official courses, some are created by Memrise members who specialize in specific topic.

Memrise has official Dutch course which is available in English. It contains 7 levels. Different levels have different topics of vocabulary, starting with absolute beginners’ vocabulary to more advanced.

In the beginning I said I enjoyed Memrise app the most out of 3 mobile apps for language learning I tried so far. It is for one reason – repetition algorithm. With Memrise I was able to effortlessly memorize new words and phrases.

You not only repeat new words during lesson but after you are done with specific lesson, you can work further to learn new vocabulary. You can practice your listening skills and pronunciation. You can also review your knowledge with classic or speed review. The difference between those two is that with speed review you have to give the answer in specific time frame.

Every time you make a mistake, it will be marked as ‘difficult word’. This feature allows you to practice the spelling and translation of said ‘difficult words’.

I think that memrise system itself is a great motivator for people who are just starting their journey of learning a new language. Dutch is going to be my third language, if I will ever possess it (sometimes I doubt that, which is not doing any good to my motivation levels). I know the struggle of learning a language that sounds nothing like your native language because it doesn’t even come from the same group of languages. At the end of the day, I speak English as my second language 😉

But enough of this negativity. If you want to start learning Dutch with Memrise app, you can find it in your App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android). If you give it a shot, let me know how you liked it!