I titled this post “kind of grey marble gel nails” because design I came up with is not really a marble but reminds me of it, if that makes sense. It’s pretty easy to do. When I was doing my nails at first I wanted just plain black nails but then I decided to try how they would come out with something extra on top.

What You Need:

  • black nail polish
  • light nude/white nail polish
  • base & top coat
  • sponge

How to Make Them

1. Put on base coat, cure it and paint your nails with black gel nail polish. Depending on the quality of nail polish, you will need either one of two coats (cure in under LED/UV light between coats). Impulss 033 black gel nail polish I used and already wrote about in my Meanail Gel Nails Kit Review is really opaque, so one coat was enough for me.

Impulss 033 Black Gel Nail Polish
Impulss 033 Black Gel Nail Polish

2. Put light nude/white nail polish on a sponge and then press it on your nails. I used piece of clean kitchen sponge. Any sponge will do, the outcome on your nails will depend on its density.

As you can see, nude gel nail polish from Meanail came out different here, almost as if it was white. And of course you have to cure it afterwards.

Meanail Nude Gel Nail Polish
Meanail Nude Gel Nail Polish

3. Paint your nails with a top coat and cure it. Wipe it with non acetone nail polish remover to get rid of stickiness. Non acetone nail polish remover will not break gel polish. Voilà, nails are done 😉

Grey Marble Gel Nails

It’s an easy and quick nail design. It took me less then 15 minutes to get them painted. If I will redo it in the future, I will post more pictures of it (hopefully better than those).

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