Companies and stores keep reminding us that Christmas is coming sooner and sooner every year. This year I saw Christmas decorations and supplies in the store long before Halloween. We are kind of getting used to this, even though we may poke some fun at companies who do that.

I come from a country where religion is a big part of everyone’s life. Doesn’t matter if you are Catholic or not, Catholic church is trying to influence your life. But it’s a topic for another day. Even though I come from country considered very religious, my closest family doesn’t celebrate Christmas in a traditional way. For years me and my parents avoided all the family gatherings and if we do something similar to that, it’s more about meeting your loved ones than really celebrating Christmas.

This year I will not be able to go to my country of origin and meet my family during this time. I will probably be working on Christmas Eve (really important day in my country, unlike most western countries where 1st day of Christmas is more important). Because of my schedule, I won’t be able to even call them during Christmas Eve supper, which they planned for this year.

For some people it may be a big deal but to be honest, it’s not for me. I’d love to join them – either in person or virtually – but I know it’s not possible. I’d love to see them and spend some quality time with them and I think that when it comes to doing so, the date does not matter. So I would rather plan my trip next year than rush to see them on specific date, along with all other people trying to make it on time. It really does not seem like fun to me, more like a very stressful time.

So yes, this year I will spend Christmas alone. But I don’t mind, for the reasons stated above. I don’t let Christmas fever get to me – I sent some post cards to wish merry Christmas and happy New Year, I sent some small gifts, I won’t pull my hair out just because I can’t spend Christmas as everyone else imagine I should šŸ˜‰

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