Sometimes when we get new pots for our plants, getting a matching pot coaster is not easy. I just happen to be in this situation. Instead of looking for a new plant pot coaster, I decided to make it on my own and use things I already have at home. This way I created something unique for my new plant, saved some money and was able to repurpose things that otherwise would end up in the trash bin.

While looking for something I could make this pot coaster out of, I realized I still have plenty of boxes from my online orders. I save them up, just in case I need a box or cardboard. Plant pot coaster I made has a shape of a cushion but you can actually make it whatever shape and size you want because cardboard is really easy to work with.

One tip before I get started with “tutorial”. It’s way easier and faster to use hot glue gun but I don’t have mine at hand, so instead I used clear tape and thread.

What Do You Need to Make DIY Plant Pot Coaster?

  • Piece of cardboard
  • Scissors, tape and thread (or hot glue)
  • Piece of foil
  • Piece of material

How to Make DIY Cardboard Plant Pot Coaster?

1. Give your plant pot coaster a shape by shaping cardboard.

Base of cardboard plant pot cushion coaster
Base of cardboard plant pot cushion coaster

2. Cover cardboard with piece of foil. I used a plastic bag. It will make this construction waterproof. Make sure to cover every spot, so cardboard will not get wet when you water your plants.

Cardboard plant pot cushion coaster
Cardboard plant pot cushion coaster

3. Cover the base you made out of cardboard and foil with material of your liking. Try to repurpose stuff, instead of buying a brand new piece. In this step hot glue gun comes in handy, so if you have one, I would recommend you to use it.

Cardboard plant pot cushion coaster

4. Voilà, custom plant pot cushion coaster is ready 😉

Just an afterthought and cleaning tip for this DIY project: you can easily clean this pot coaster if you can take the material off the construction and wash it, so keep it in mind while sewing/using hot glue.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY “tutorial” for Plant Pot Cushion Coaster and that it will inspire you to make something on your own and repurpose things.