In January Goodiebox subscription box surprised us with 4 different boxes. Contents of the box depend on information given during sign up process. ‘Me, Myself and I’ personalised Goodiebox comes with 4 different colors – pink (dry and sensitive), green (concentrated on cleansing), purple (concentrated on hydration) and blue (no major issues to improve). My Goodiebox came in pink, as I have dry skin and I tend to forget (or I’m too lazy) to moisturize it.

Me Myself and I Goodiebox

What’s In Pink ‘Me, Myself and I’ Goodiebox?

This month’s Goodiebox came with 3 full size products and 2 sample size products. At first glance at the content of the box I was not too impressed, to be honest. But the more I was getting to know the products that came with it, the more I liked them.

BADgal BANG! Benefit Mascara
BADgal BANG! Benefit Cosmetics Mascara

Let’s start with BADgal BANG! Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics. It came in sample size of 4 g. Regular size is 8,5 g and it’s store value is €28.

I haven’t tried this mascara yet, because I’m still using Rituals Miracle 3-in-1 Mascara from ‘Go With the Glow’ Goodiebox and I don’t want to open and waste the product. But from what I saw, it has really thin wand. I wasn’t a fan of those before, but once I got used to them, I appreciate more precise application. I’ll definitely share my thoughts on this in the future, so stay tuned 😉

de_CURE N⁰ DAY 1 Lightweight Day Cream
de_CURE N⁰ DAY 1 Lightweight Day Cream

de_CURE N⁰ DAY 1 Lightweight Day Cream came in sample size. de_CURE cosmetics are pretty pricey, if you ask me, but so far I was impressed with them, so I’m looking forward to trying this cream out. Store value for 50 ml is €85, sample size is 10 ml.

In ‘Go With the Glow’ Goodiebox we’ve received Serum from de_CURE. I used it twice so far and it makes my pores melt instantly. Downside (at least for me) is that it really makes your skin glow.

Naobay Recovery Mask
Naobay Recovery Mask

Naobay Recovery Mask for normal and sensitive skin, contains orange fruit water, vitamin E, rice, tigernuts and apricot oils. Has really nice, subtle scent to it. This mask is not only cruelty free and vegan, but also 40% of its ingredients comes from organic farming, 99% of them have natural origin and it’s specified on the packaging, so you can make informed decision.

Naobay Recovery Mask in Goodiebox is full size, its store value is €23.95.

Glov Moon Pads
Glov Moon Pads

Glov Moon Pads are a proof that Goodiebox team reads my mind. I wanted to replace cotton pads with something reusable and they delivered! I already used those Glov Moon Pads to remove my make up yesterday. They are soft, really easy to wash after use. Definitely worth trying.

It’s of course a full size product, valued at €6.90. It’s not only ecological alternative to cotton pads but also their packaging is made out of starch and has decomposition period of 12 months. So it’s well thought through from the scratch and it’s made in Poland, which makes it more exciting for me personally 😁

 Dr Botanicals Morrocan Rose Nourishing Hand Cream
Dr Botanicals Morrocan Rose Nourishing Hand Cream

Last but not least, we have Dr Botanicals Morrocan Rose Nourishing Hand Cream. As I said in the beginning of this post, I tend to forget about moisturising. I use face creams, body lotions (not as much as I should) but my hands definitely need some help. This hand cream not only has a nice scent and is cruelty free and vegan but also a nice feel to it. It doesn’t make my hands sticky like some other hand creams, so I’m excited to actually use it.

It’s a full size product with store value of €30.

My Thoughts On ‘Me, Myself and I’ Goodiebox

Overall, I really liked the products that were included in this box. Total value of pink Goodiebox in January is €90.85. But being able to try out good products I wouldn’t pick if I went shopping has even more value for me personally. I guess that’s why I enjoy monthly unboxings of Goodiebox this much – Goodiebox team seems to really care about quality of this subscription.

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