Growing your own herbs is pretty easy. You can either plant the seeds and wait for them to grow or buy fresh herbs in the store. If you would like to keep the herbs you bought in your local grocery store longer, there’s one simple way to do so.

Repot them as soon as you bring them home.

What Do You Need to Make Supermarket Herbs Last Longer?

  • new pot
  • fresh soil (universal or herb soil)
  • drainage (sand/stones)
  • herbs 😁

How to Replant Supermarket Herbs?

  1. You will need to make drainage first. You can use sand or stones to do so. Place it on the bottom of the new pot.
  2. Add new soil on top of newly placed drainage. Make sure that this layer is not too thin (so your plant will sink) or too thick (so it will be above the pot level).
  3. Take out your plant from temporary pot. Place the herbs in the plant pot and cover sides with soil.
  4. Water the plant.
  5. Voilà, you just gave your supermarket herbs more time to live and be a great companion in the kitchen!

Got a new plant pot but you couldn’t find matching/big enough coaster? You can try making your own plant pot coaster!

Replanting from tiny temporary pots to proper plant pots makes supermarket herbs last way longer than you’d expect. Unless the plant is already sick or dead at the time you buy it, doing so as soon as you get them really helps. Having more space in bigger plant pot allows them to grow. To enjoy fresh herbs in the kitchen you should water them regularly and cut them off with scissors.