June’s Goodiebox subscription box theme is about balancing self care and care about our environment. It comes with four skin care products and one make up product. All of these products I find useful and I think that most people would enjoy this Goodiebox, as it’s pretty universal.

Rose Otto Face Oil

€40 for 30 ml (sample: €13.33 / 10ml)

Oils are popular hydrating ingredients in skin care and make up products. They help to keep our skin, hair and nails in a good condition. Balance Me Face Oil has rose essential oil. Roller is also really easy to use.

Anwen Eco Hairbrush


Anwen Eco Brush is an interesting product. It is meant to replace plastic not eco-friendly brushes. Anwen is a Polish company and I am really happy to see yet another one of beauty companies from Poland in my Goodiebox subscription box.

It provides not only a great experience during brushing but also decomposes within 5 years in appropriate environment.

Sandstone Raincoat Waterproof Mascara

€21 for 9 ml

In The Vitamin Sea Goodiebox we’ve got full size Sandstone Raincoat waterproof mascara. On the box I could find information about this mascara being vegan but there’s no information about their cruelty free status. Cruelty Free Kitty doesn’t have this company on their list either.

KARMAMEJU Sun Body Lotion SPF 15

€35 for 200 ml (sample: €5.25 / 30 ml)

Summer in Europe is about to start, so this body lotion with UVA/UVB filters will come in handy. Even though the weather in the Netherlands is basically rain throughout entire year, 2020 treats us nice with some sun and warmer temperatures. Of course SPF 15 is not enough for sunbathing, but it is perfect for a walk during sunny day.

VALQUER Shampoo Bar


Shampoo bars became more popular couple years ago as an alternative for bottled shampoo. I’m really curious to try this one out and see how it works on my hair.

Total value of The Vitamin Sea Goodiebox

Total value of the products included in June’s Goodiebox is €66.58. We’ve got some really useful products that will come in handy in this season and I will be happy to test them out for sure!

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