It’s been over a year since I started my subscription with Goodiebox. Goodiebox is a beauty box that includes (mostly) skincare and makeup products. This service is meant to let us try out products and brands that we wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Most of the products I got in my Goodieboxes, I used and loved. Some of them weren’t for me – I gave them away to my friends and family. Recently I also joined local exchange group, so when I’m sure I will not use the product, I can make someone else happy with it.

I was always curious if subscription boxes actually serve this purpose well. I’m still not sure about that (mostly because of the fact how many products come in subscription boxes monthly and the time it takes to use them up, not just try once/maybe twice and toss them – I personally wouldn’t do that, if I hadn’t bad reaction to it, of course) but today I want to talk about products that Goodiebox actually made me buy with my own money, because I loved them so much!

Human+kind Body Soufflé

I love this product. Even though I recently bought a lot of skincare products in a drugstore, when I saw someone posted it on the group, I decided to repurchase.

It dries down fast, doesn’t have a strong smell and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. Thanks to this product I actually started using cream products on my body way more than I ever had.

Natural Deodorants

Lekker in een potje deodorant

My first natural deodorant was from this brand. I was hesitant to try them out before, because I was afraid of my armpits getting too sweaty and smelly without my trusted stick deodorant with aluminum.

This product proved me wrong. I’ve been using natural deodorants since then, occasionally using up my collection of drugstore deodorants, because I hate wasting products.

My armpits don’t stink and after applying it, there’s no white marks on my clothes. I can’t even feel I have it on 👌🏻

We Love The Planet

This deodorant comes in both vegan and non-vegan versions. The ones I’ve tried and repurchased is vegan. It has a strong sweet smell and not everyone will be a fan of it but I don’t mind it and even enjoy smelling like a cake sometimes 😅 I’m curious if other variants also have as strong of a smell.

I’d have to wait a bit to find out because those natural deodorants last pretty long time to use up and I try to keep my skincare and make up collection to reasonable size, so I don’t waste products and resources when they go bad on my shelf. Maybe next year or later this year I’ll be able to try them and make an update on how strong their smell is.


Ecooking products are frequently included in Goodiebox subscription box. So far I was pleased with every item I’ve received but two of them stood out.

Cleansing Gel

Ecooking Cleansing Gel
Ecooking Cleansing Gel

This was one of the first products from Ecooking that I tried. It’s the best cleansing gel I’ve tried so far. I comes in two variants – fragranced and fragrance free. I personally like the fragrance free version.

Repair Shampoo

Ecooking Repair Shampoo
Ecooking Repair Shampoo

Unfortunately I’m one of those people who wash their hair every day, otherwise I feel that my hair is greasy and flat. I tried to fight with this habit but I couldn’t get myself to stop washing my hair everyday for longer period.

Ecooking Repair Shampoo comes in two sizes – 250 ml (tube) and 500 ml (bottle with a pump). I’ve received smaller version in my Goodiebox and I loved it, so now I purchased larger one, so I can enjoy it longer.

It may seem like I didn’t like too many products from Goodiebox subscription box enough, if I repurchased only 5. That’s not true.

As I mentioned before, I still have some products in my collection that I need to use up before getting more. I try to keep the size of my collection down and not just go on a shopping spree, even though it is tempting sometimes to get and test more products. But then I remind myself that I am one person and I have only one body 🤣 It would be a shame if something went bad on my shelf, just because I wanted to use other products before.

And of course I have another Goodiebox coming soon, so I’m looking forward to surprises included in my next box!

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