Summer is coming soon, as it was hinted by last edition of Goodiebox subscription box. I definitely have problem with drinking enough water but in the summer I try to do my best when it comes to hydration. That’s why I decided to get a reusable water bottle which I can refill from a tap either at home or at work.

I used reusable water bottles made out of plastic in the past but I had some issues with them – they started leaking or changed the taste after a while. That’s why this time I decided to try Waterdrop water bottles.

Bamboo Classic Steel Water Bottle

Waterdrop Bamboo Classic Steel
Waterdrop Bamboo Classic Steel

I chose this Bamboo Classic Steel water bottle in size 0.5l. I was afraid it would be heavy because inside is made out of steel but it is pretty light. It has a standard twist off cap, so I hope it will last longer than my previous bottles.

Because it is made out of steel, it can hold both cold (up to 24 h) and hot (up to 12 h) drinks. I was looking for something like that, where I can also pour my jasmin white tea, without having to buy additional bottles or tumblers.

Steel Straws

Waterdrop Steel Straws
Waterdrop Steel Straws

I also got two sets on steel straws – one for me and one for my boyfriend. I’ve never used steel straws before but since one of the sets was a free gift to my order, I figured I could give it a try. I don’t use straws often, maybe once or twice a year but my boyfriend does. You can buy disposable paper straws in the store but why would you, if you have a reusable one in your kitchen drawer?

Waterdrop Microdrinks

Waterdrop Microdrink
Waterdrop Microdrinks

Last thing I ordered was a Microdrink trial package. As I said before, I’m bad at drinking enough water. I don’t mind the taste of pure water, I’d just rather have tea and tea is actually dehydrating. I decided to try those microdrinks and see if I like any of those tastes.

Microdrink trial package I received contains:

  • Defence ➡️ vitamin C, riboflavin, biotin ➡️ cranberry / rose hip / moringa;
  • Focus ➡️ vitamin C, thiamine, pantothenic acid ➡️ lime / acerola / baobab;
  • Youth ➡️ vitamin C, niacin, biotin ➡️ peach / ginger / ginseng / dandelion;
  • Zen ➡️ vitamin C, folic acid, biotin ➡️ star fruit / white tea / lemongrass;
  • Boost ➡️ vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 ➡️ black currant / elderflower / açaí;
  • Relax ➡️ vitamin C, thiamine, biotin ➡️ hibiscus / acerola / aronia

All of them are sugar free. In trial package Waterdrop includes 6 flavors (3 cubes each).

Waterdrop Point Program

Interesting thing I saw after I placed my order is that Waterdrop offers a program in which you can save up points by doing certain actions, such as following them on social media, writing reviews of their products or even logging into their website. You can also get 10 points per €1 you spend with them. You can exchange those points for free products.

I’m curious to try all of these products. I like the fact that 99% of packaging I can easily recycle or repurpose because it is made out of cardboard. The only tricky thing to recycle is those microdrink packaging, as individual cube is packaged in tiny plastic cube and unfortunately most of such plastic is currently not recycled.

Those microdrinks are definitely something that I got out of curiosity but I’m not sure if I’m going to get more on the future.

If I want flavored water, I can also add sliced lemon, lime, cucumber or fresh mint leafs into my water bottle. It’s important to keep in mind it is actually easier to DIY flavored water. Just avoid those fruits and veggies that are wrapped individually in plastic. As much as I’m not a fan of governments regulating every single thing in our lives, I’d love to stop seeing sad single cucumbers or paprikas wrapped in plastic.

That being said, I hope that products I purchased from Waterdrop will serve well for more than one season. Materials that they are made out of give me hope that that’s the case.

I’m not living Zero Waste lifestyle, not even sustainable lifestyle. But I’m trying to replace as many disposable things in my everyday life, as possible. If I can avoid getting water or other drinks in plastic bottles because I’m thirsty and out and about, I will try to do it and put a water bottle in my backpack 👍🏻

Previous years I tried reusable plastic bottles but none of them served good long enough. And some of them were pretty expensive! It always hurt me when I had to get rid of products that were meant to replace disposable things, because they started to leak, smell or change the taste. That’s why I’m turning now to metal and glass products – not only with my water bottle, but that’s topic for another day.

If you are also curious about Waterdrop products or in need of a new water bottle/tumbler/straws, you can check out Waterdrop’s website. They offer even more products that are worth checking out.

With link below you can get €5 off of your first purchase.

This post is not sponsored but if you use link above you will get a discount and I may get points to spend on their products ❤

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