Even though it is already August and it seems it’s too late to start Project Pan for year 2021, I would like to share with you make up items I’m trying to pan. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I’m trying to be more mindful about my beauty purchases. I don’t have a large make up collection but I definitely have things that sit around in my make up box and if I continue to not pay more attention to them, they will expire without getting much use.

Project Pan 2021

In my Project Pan for 2021 I focus on powder products. I am sure that I won’t be able to hit pan in most of the products I picked out but I definitely want to show them more love. So my goal is to actively use them and see how much progress I can make.

Project Pan 2021

Phase Zero Bare Necessities Pallet

To be honest, this product is not my favorite. When I reach for eyeshadow pallet, I don’t gravitate towards this one – shimmers are a bit chunky and matte shades come out pretty dark for me. This pallet was sitting in my beauty box since 2019 when I got it in one of my Goodiebox subscription boxes.

Since I started my project pan a week ago, I discovered that bronzer shade in this pallet is actually pretty good for my skintone, so I focus on using it up but I’m not sure if I want to “hate pan” eyeshadows in this Bare Necessities pallet.

Essence 03 Bleah Single Shadow

I bought this random single shadow from Essence at a local drugstore. Unfortunately the packaging on this one is flimsy and it broke pretty quickly, so I focus on using it up because the fact it doesn’t close anymore bothers me. I hope to make a big progress on this one for sure.

Project Pan 2021

Phase Zero Desert Mirage Highlighter

I don’t use highlighters but I use this product from Phase Zero as an eyeshadow for subtle glow on my eyelids. Since I started using it regularly I hit baby pan that I wasn’t expecting. This made me hope I can actually use it up.

Make Up Revolution Forever Flawless Decadent Eyeshadow Pallet

Last but not least, Make Up Revolution Forever Flawless Decadent eyeshadow pallet. I bought it in 2019. It is my only eyeshadow pallet I except for Phase Zero one. I use it every time I do my make up and still have a lot of product to use! It was an eye opener for me for sure.

Color story of Forever Flawless Decadent pallet suits me very well. It has a lot of neutral colors for everyday use and I love how shimmers in this pallet perform. It’s cheap but decent drugstore eyeshadow pallet.

Sometimes I feel tempted to buy a new eyeshadow pallet but this pallet is a good reminder that I still have plenty of product to go through and I definitely don’t need to buy another eyeshadow pallet for a long time!

So I decided to not get another pallet until I see a serious progress on this pallet – like couple eyeshadow missing progress.

I don’t want to be wasteful just because I see higher end eyeshadow pallets that I would like to try. I only have two eyelids and plenty of days when I only use mascara and a lip balm because I don’t feel like doing more 🙃

I will definitely post updates on my Project Pan 2021. There are also other products that I focus on that I haven’t included in this Project Pan, but I will definitely share my thoughts on them later as well.

5 thoughts on “Late Start of Project Pan 2021

    1. Thank you for your tip. I agree, life’s too short to hate pan 😁 After first month I decided to let the Phase Zero pallete go after I finish bronzer, because it is the only thing in entire pallete that I actually like.


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