The Body Shop Haul

We went to outlet center in Roosendaal to look for some new shoes for my boyfriend. On our way back to the car we saw a small The Body Shop store and we decided to check them out. I left with two items that I wanted to try eventually.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Sleeping Mask

€9 for 75 ml

Lately I was very curious about sleeping masks. I’ve seen people using them on YouTube and I want to see if it makes any difference in my night time skincare routine. I’ve tried it couple times so far and I noticed that it makes my face a little bit more sticky than when I just apply my night cream.

It also has very firm gel-like consistency. I learned pretty quickly not to tilt the jar while I’m applying it on my face, because it wants to escape from its container. Now I get why they used word “bouncy” in the name of the product. Fortunately I was able to save the blob of products before it dropped into the sink 🙈

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

€25 for 150 ml

Tea tree oil is mostly known for its antibacterial properties. It is commonly used to treat acne, athlete’s foot, lice, nail fungus and insect bites. Even though my skin is not too problematic, I have pimples showing up periodically, so I want to see how this Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser from The Body Shop helps with that.

Also, I’ve never used foaming cleansing products, so I’m curious to see if I even like this type of skincare product.

Douglas Haul

E.l.f. Jelly Pop Luscious Lip Mask One in a Melon Mask

€7 for 4.4 g

E.l.f. Jelly Pop Luscious Lip Mask One in a Melon Mask

As I’m still fighting with my dry lips, I decided to get a lip mask from E.l.f. Cosmetics. I can use it as a overnight mask, which is good because usually I don’t have much time to dedicate it to doing something extra. So if it’s going to work in my sleep, then it’s a perfect product for me.

One thing about this E.l.f. lip mask is that the packaging is teeny tiny. I didn’t expect it to be this small. I will see how long it actually lasts me.

Ecooking Overnight Foot Cream

€30.25 for 100 ml

Ecooking Overnight Foot Cream

My feet suffer from wearing working shoes with steel noses all the time. Unfortunately I don’t have other choice, if I still want to do the job I do and keep my feet safe. But I have to admit that they’ve never been in this bad condition. I hope that showing them some love with this Ecooking Overnight Foot Cream will help.

Ingredients in this Ecooking cream look promising: 15% carbamide (urea) moisturizes the skin and helps with dryness, Lactic Acid exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, Eucalyptus globulus essential oil has not only nice scent and cooling effect but also helps with blood circulation.

MAC Lipstick in Mehr (mini)

€13.95 for 1.8 g

I haven’t purchased a new lipstick for a very long time – couple years now. I mostly use lip gloss or tinted lip balm. Then I saw this MAC Lipstick in color Mehr and decided to give it a shot. I bought a travel size because I haven’t seen it in real life before adding it to my cart. I based my decision on the swatches online and figured it is very similar to colors of lipsticks I used to wear in the past.

MAC Lipstick in Mehr

In real life it’s a bit darker than I expected, so when I saw it in the tube I was afraid it would be too dark for me but on the lips it’s very similar to my current tinted lip balm that I use daily. It also feels similar on my lips, maybe a little less moisturising but I like it so far.

So far I’m happy with my purchases from this haul. I think I made good decisions trying to pick out the best products that I would enjoy using. I will update my thoughts on those products in the future, so if you are interested in hearing more about them, subscribe to my blog 😊

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