I like to switch up the content I consume online. That’s how I found myself researching project pan community, as well as enjoying more customer conscious content. This is what inspired me to start counting uses on make up and skincare products.

Counting Uses On Beauty Products

I’m not joining any ‘X by Y’ panning projects, as I would like to focus on panning my powder products and using up things in my collection in more organic way. I’m curious about how long certain products last, so that’s why I decided to install an app that will help me count each use of each product. I’m going to start doing this for new make up and skincare items that I open.

I don’t really see the point of doing this for the products that are already in use in my daily routine. It will help me estimate cost per use and how much product I’m actually getting. I mean of course there’s a value in grams/milliliters on the packaging. But there’s a difference in how much product we use in each category. 4 grams of an eyeshadow will last way longer than 4 grams of a lip mask. It will be interesting to see the numbers and track my usage.

I will share the numbers with you in my future empties posts where I talk about how I enjoyed the products I finished and if I would purchase them again.

My Make Up And Skincare Inventory

What really pushed me to count all of the beauty products in my collection was the fact that I have multiple back ups of certain types of products. Some of them were lost in drawers/boxes. I went through all of them and actually the numbers at first were higher.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar
As you can see, I love Dove Beauty Cream Bar πŸ˜…

I must admit that I got rid of some items due to allergic reaction. Unfortunately I found out that I might be allergic to waterproof mascaras. Some products are going to be rehomed – I went through my collection with my mother to see if she’d like me to bring her something next month when I visit her. I showed her every product that was sitting unopened in my bathroom and she picked out the things she liked the most. This way I got rid of 3 dry shampoos, face cream, clay face mask, body butter and a hand cream.

So numbers below are my final numbers. As you can see, in some categories I’m doing good but in some I struggle. 6 (S I X) face masks? 5 (F I V E) body lotions? Wow, that’s a lot 😳

Hygiene and skincare
Product category Amount
dry shampoo 2
conditioner 5
shampoo 4
hair oils 2
micellar water 2
cleansing gel/cleansing bar 3
deodorants 3
soap bar 13
face mask 6
face cream 4
body lotion 7
serum 2
eye cream 2
hand cream 4
Make up
Product category Amount
setting spray 2
eyeshadow pallet 3
single shadow 3
eyeliner 1
mascara 2
lip stick 1
lip gloss 2
lip balm 2
lip pencil 1
eyebrow pencil 2
eyebrow gel 1
blush 1
highlighter 1
primer 2
foundation 2
setting powder 1
perfume 3

I kind of feel that it’s more scientific/mathematical approach but I’m sure it won’t kill the fun of actually using my make up and skincare. I’m preparing to make some changes in the way I consume beauty products and actually use them versus have them sit in my drawers. I may not have a huge make up collection but as I said before – there are some categories that I could do better and be more mindful with my choices. I hope that seeing how long it takes to use up all of those things will help me with the urge to buy back ups of products I already own.

Body lotion collection

I decided already that next year is going to be a low buy year for me. I’m canceling my Goodiebox subscription for next year, so I can focus on things I already own and buy only make up and skincare that I finish and really need. I’m also interested to see the numbers of products I actually use up and bring in organically with certain limitations throughout entire year.

I’m going to try to keep track of all the numbers on my blog, so if you are interested to see how it goes, subscribe to receive notification when I post an update 😊

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