This update on my progress in my Project Pan 2021 is pretty exciting. I have hit 2 baby pans around 2 weeks into starting the project. I didn’t expect them to show up this fast, especially because I wasn’t using those products too much in the past.

Make Up Revolution Forever Flawless Decadent Eyeshadow Pallete

Even though I was using it every time I did my make up, I don’t see much progress on the shadows. But I didn’t expect to see it, to be honest. I have been using this pallete for almost 2 years and didn’t have much progress, so one month in, I couldn’t expect too much.

This month I made the biggest dent in shade Indulge from this pallete. It looks like it will be the easiest one to hit pan on, considering my every day look I do.

Essence Single Shadow in 03 Bleah

I was very surprised to see the baby pan after only 10 uses. It’s more powdery than my other shadows, so it kind of makes sense. This eyeshadow has a hard time in general, you can see on the pictures the cracks in the product. If it breaks, I won’t bother with repressing the product, I will just use up what I can. But so far it holds the pan.

Phase Zero highlighter

I use this highlighter as a shimmer on my eyelids because I don’t wear highlighters in general. I made quite a progress on this product this month but I’m also aware it will take me many more months to finish this highlighter. It was my first baby pan in this Project Pan 🥳

Phase Zero Bare Necessities eyeshadow pallete

In this pallete I’m focusing on using up the bronzer. I don’t like the eyeshadows in this pallete and I don’t think I will get much use out of them but bronzer shade is a perfect shade for me, so that’s why I decided to keep it.

I thought I didn’t have much progress on this pallete, compared to my other products but then I noticed that I can see the pattern of the pan coming through already.

Last week I was trying to figure out if I like shimmer shades in this pallete. Silver shade is just pure chunks of glitter. Unfortunately when I went ahead and tried to swatch brown shades, they fell apart, so I decided to get rid of them altogether, leaving only blush, bronzer and two matte shades in the pallete. I’m not going to risk chunks of those eyeshadows going into my eye. I’m not sure if the age of this pallete impacted the way those shadows were behaving (I got it in one of my Goodieboxes back in 2019) or what, but to be honest, I felt from the start that this pallete is more trouble than it’s worth it.

Phase Zero Bare Necessities eyeshadow pallete

Overall, I think I did good this month with my Project Pan 2021. We still have 4 months of 2021 to go. I’m very curious how much progress on my products I can make during this period. I’m also using up a lot of other products lately and it feels very good to finally let them go and make space for items I choose more carefully 🙃

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