In September I will go on a short trip to another country and I have to plan what things I will bring with me. To be honest, I expect that I will take more make up and skincare than clothes 😅

Make Up Items For My Trip

Eyeshadow Pallete And Brushes

I will take my Glov eyeshadow brushes with me. They come with a handy case that is perfect for travel and this was one of the reasons I picked them up. I will also bring my Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Decadent eyeshadow pallete and single eyeshadow from Essence that I’m actively panning. I hope that this single eyeshadow will survive the trip, because packaging is broken. Unfortunately this single eyeshadow didn’t survive last days before the trip 😔

Mascara And Brow Products

For mascara I’m going to take my Essence Get Big! Lashes Volume Boost mascara. I like it but I have to be careful when doing my lower lashes because it has a huge wand that makes it easy to smug the product on the skin.

For my brows I’m taking Realher Eye Am Inspiring brow pencil and NYX Control Freak Clear Eyebrow Gel. Both products are easy and quick to use.

Lip products

Lip balms

I’m going to take two lip balms – tinted lip balm from Pixie by Petra and clear Labello lip balm.

Primer And Setting Spray

Last but not least, I’m taking my trusted Essence You Better Work! eyeshadow primer and face mist from Goodiebox Essentials.

I’m not taking any foundation with me. Most of the days I’m just taking away the shine with loose powder from Affect. It’s meant to be a translucent powder but it also has a bit of color and it gives my face a bit of warmth. I’m not a big fan of this powder because of its color but I don’t want to waste the product and if I use it light handed, it is actually okay. It’s just been sitting in my drawer for too long 🙃

Skincare Items For My Trip

Face Cream

So normally I use two face creams throughout the day – Ronsbol SPF 15 day cream in the morning and Biodermal Day & Night Cream before I go to bed. Biodermal face cream has thicker consistency and doesn’t absorb as fast as Ronsbol cream but to save some space in my luggage I will only take Biodermal on my trip.

Serum And Mask

Currently I’m using teeny tiny tube of deCure Barrier Booster Vitamin D Barrier Drops and I hope to finish it up during this trip. It’s only 7 ml of product, so I should finish it soon anyway.

I’m also going to take my The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. I use it every day since I purchased it. It has funny consistency and I had to get used to it at first but now I don’t want to skip it on my trip.

As for other masks, I think I’m not going to take any. I have some almost used up masks but they can wait for the period when I have to rest after my trip 😅

Body Lotion

Evoluderm Pluie de Coco Detox Body Jelly is my choice for body lotion. It is almost finished as well. I went through it pretty fast, even though I don’t like coconuts. It absorbs quickly, feels very moisturising on the skin and its smell doesn’t put me off. I got it in my Goodiebox subscription box and I was afraid that I won’t be able to stand it. Now I think I would actually purchase this product on my own!

Cleansing Products

Respire Solid Face Wash

I’m going to take two products with me – micellar water from Naobay and solid face wash from Respire. I found out that I’m not a fan of solid face wash but it’s perfect occasion to use it up a bit. I don’t think that I will be able to finish it up completely but if I don’t have my favorites with me, it will get some use.

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