After going through my inventory I decided that I should stop my Goodiebox subscription. I loved getting the surprise box every month and I liked most of the products I received but amount of back ups of certain types of beauty products I was getting started to get a bit overwhelming for me.


I still had around €32 sitting in Goodiepoints for the reviews of products from previous boxes, so I decided to get a discount code and get two of older boxes with products that I have tried and loved. I was planning to use this discount on upcoming advent calendar but I would rather get products that I know I will definitely use, instead of getting 24 surprise products. ‘Pop The Confetti’ box is one of those two boxes that I chose.

Niré Beauty The Multitasker Brush 113

Niré Beauty The Multitasker Brush 113

€20 per piece

I very liked all of the brushes from Niré Beauty that I have received in my Goodiebox subscription. They are good quality, soft brushes. This one is a multitasking brush, ideal for packing an eyeshadow and blending.

Miqura Décolleté Mask

Miqura Décolleté Mask

€8 per piece

It’s a single sheet mask for the neckline. I tried it before and I haven’t noticed any difference. I’d rather stick to body lotions, instead of getting individual sheet mask for this part of my body. I feel like this is the only ‘meh’ product in this box though 🙃

Respire Mini Solid Face Cleanser

Respire Mini Solid Face Cleanser

€8.90 for 50 g

It’s a good face cleanser, even though I prefer liquid cleansers. I will definitely get a good use out of this product. It’s gentle and doesn’t ladder as much as other cleansers I’ve used. Also, this tiny bar of face cleanser lasts very long time.

Ecooking Repair Shampoo

Ecooking Repair Shampoo

€23 for 250 ml

It is my third bottle of this shampoo since I received it in this Goodiebox. I love it but I have to admit it’s a bit pricey, so when I saw that ‘Pop The Confetti’ box was available, I knew I had to get it! This product alone makes up for the price of the box!

I know I said before that I have too many shampoos and adding this one to my collection is not wise, but I know that I’m not going to buy anything beauty related for couple months, so maybe the amount of products in my stash is going to get more reasonable 😅

Beaver The Perfect Hair Oil

Beaver The Perfect Hair Oil

I’m on the edge of finishing my previous bottle of this oil and I think it will be gone by the end of this month. It works fine on my ends – they feel smooth and silky hours after I apply it – and I’m not scared of brushing it closer to my scalp, because it doesn’t make my hair look greasy like some other oils have in the past. I think the name of this hair oil suits it well ☺

Monetary value of this Goodiebox is €59.90. It would be €99.90, if Figs & Rouge Velvet Cream was present in the box. I remember that they had some kind of issues and it came with next box, but I’m a but disappointed that they didn’t include it in this box after the fact. Anyway, it’s a nice way to say goodbye to my Goodiebox subscription with products that I liked.

I have one more unboxing coming soon, so if you are interested in seeing how I liked the last Goodiebox, subscribe to my blog 😊

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