This is my last unboxing of Goodiebox subscription box. I’ve been a member since 2019 and I’ve enjoyed most of the products included in my boxes. Unfortunately I came to a point when I have too many back ups of certain types of beauty products, so I decided to cancel my subscription and use up things that I already own before getting anything new.

As I mentioned in my previous unboxing, I still had Goodiepoints worth €32, so I decided to get 2 boxes that I picked out myself, so I knew what products were coming my way. I don’t remember receiving this particular box, so I’m looking forward to trying out the products 🙂

de_CURE N° EYE5 Revitalizing Eye Repair

de_CURE / N° EYE5 Revitalizing Eye Repair

I liked most of the products from de_CURE that I received in my subscription boxes, so I’m curious to see how this de_CURE N° EYE5 Revitalizing Eye Repair works. It is meant to have cooling effect.

Using it for the first time, I felt some stinging but it didn’t happen since then. My only complaint is that it is very hard to squeeze it out of the tube and when I finally manage to do that, it’s usually a little bit too much for my eye area 😅

Figs & Rouge Satin Soft Blurring Primer & Finishing Fix

Figs & Rouge Satin Soft Blurring Primer & Finishing Fix

I’m curious to see how this primer works with my current skincare/make up routine. I’ve tried Velvet Cream from Figs & Rouge before and I was impressed by the effects. So I hope that this product will work as well.

Simply Essentials Monoi de Tahiti Hair Mask

Simply Essentials /  Monoi de Tahiti Hair Mask

Lately I’m not using hair masks as often as I used to, but I’m curious to try this hair mask. It’s infused with Monoi de Tahiti oil and vitamin E. It smells very nice. And it doesn’t hurt to do extra step in my hair care routine from time to time!

Oslo Skinlab The Solution Anti-wrinkle Collagen

Oslo Skinlab /  The Solution Anti-wrinkle Collagen

This product feels a little meh to me. I’m not a fan of diet supplements claiming that they will repair x, y and z problem with your hair/skin/nails. Of course nutrition is important to keep them healthy and looking good but I’m still skeptical about certain products. This is one of them.

There’re contradicting studies available online about collagen in skincare/diet supplements. Conclusion of one of them was that collagen may help your joints. Another one says that digestive system breaks down the collagen before it can provide its benefits.

I found out online that I can mix Oslo Skinlab The Solution Anti-wrinkle Collagen with any food/drink and probably will not taste it. I tried it just for sake of trying how it actually tastes and how I feel afterwards, because I don’t expect any visible effects. I had it in my tea and I could tell there was something in my tea, so it’s not tasteless but it tasted fine.

Even though I managed to use up all 5 portions before I wrote this post, I wouldn’t purchase this product on my own, as it feels gimmicky to me. And as I expected, I can’t tell if it worked. It just tasted fine enough to drink it with my tea.

Mudmasky Blue Light Protection Mask

Mudmasky /  Blue Light Protection Mask

Mudmasky Blue Light Protection Mask feels like another gimmicky product, as you can’t really tell just using it at home if it does anything or not. It claims to block up to 94% of High Energy Visible Light. You are meant to leave it in during the day (obviously) and because I already have plenty of products included in my skincare routine, this mask went to my mother, who was curious enough to try it out.

Serphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer

Serphine Botanicals /  Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer

This Sugar+Lemon Moisturizing Lip Scrub is made from rosehip, apricot, jojoba oils and cocoa butter. I will be happy to try it, as my lips need a bit of help from time to time.

I just realized that I sound very negative. I’m just skeptical about certain products included in this Goodiebox but there were also some good products, that I will be happy to try and update my thoughts on them in the future.

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