I have both good and bad news in this Project Pan update. I’ve hit new pan on an eyeshadow but also had to say goodbye to some products in my Project Pan. I decided that I don’t have time to waste on products that are clearly not worth it. Let’s start with bad news and then move on to more exciting results.

Phase Zero Bare Necessities Pallete – Bronzer

Phase Zero Bare Necessities Pallete

I didn’t use this bronzer too much this month, so there’s no progress to show. I had plenty of no foundation days in September, that’s why I wasn’t reaching for it.

Essence 03 Bleah Single Eyeshadow

This is the product that I’m not going to waste my time on. Packaging broke long time ago, so I decided to try to finish this eyeshadow but it started cracking in the pan. Last straw was when I saw it breaking further while it was just sitting in my beauty bag. I decided not to repress it because it wasn’t worth it. Eyeshadow itself became very crumbly and broken packaging bothered me every time I reached for it. It was time for it to go πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Phase Zero Desert Mirage Highlighter

I think I’m making a good progress with this highlighter and it is exciting. I’m using it as a shimmer eyeshadow, instead of a highlight, because it works the best this way for me.

I’m curious to see how long it will last, probably around a year of using it every time I do my eyeshadow.

Make Up Revolution Forever Flawless Decadent Pallete

Last but not least, Make Up Revolution Forever Flawless Decadent eyeshadow pallete. Since I stopped using that Essence single eyeshadow, I noticed that my progress on this pallete took off. I’m using more different eyeshadows for my every day look and it shows – I can finally see dents in eyeshadows!

And I hit my first eyeshadow pan in this pallete! πŸ₯³

Make Up Revolution is known for making dupes and rather poor to average quality of eyeshadows. Even though I’m pretty happy with this pallete, I understand some complaints with some of those eyeshadows. With more patchy shadows I mix them with shadows that perform better.

There are some colors that I’m hesitant to put on my eyelids – Pearls, Scorched and Sundown. I also noticed that I gravitate towards lighter eyeshadow looks and this pallete is pretty dark for me. Using Phase Zero Desert Mirage on top helps with achieving the look I want, so I’m not thinking about getting rid of this eyeshadow pallete. Strangely enough, when I browse through eyeshadow pallets online, my brain loves the ones that I too dark for my every day make up πŸ˜… But then I examine color story further and decide it’s not for me… So luckily I can talk myself out of purchase pretty easily. Let’s work with what I already own first!

I hope that before the year ends I will hit more pans in this pallete. I still have 3 months to make some more progress πŸ˜‰

In the end, I think that bad news turned out to be good news. Decluttering Essence single shadow helped me to use more of Make Up Revolution Forever Flawless Decadent pallete. I decided that I won’t be hate panning products, while other sit in my drawers and wait for their turn.

I’m not rolling in any new products to replace broken eyeshadow. Forever Flawless Decadent pallete needs some more love, as I purchased it around 2 years ago… Let’s hope that October brings even more progress and pans 🀞🏻

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