At the end of August I posted my first make up inventory. I talked a bit about my goals to start using up the things that I own. Today I want to update my numbers, as some things left my collection, other things joined it. Even though I used up some things, the numbers in the table don’t lie – I still have a long way to go. Fortunately I cancelled my Goodiebox subscription and was able to talk myself out of certain purchases. It is time to use more things up, not buy more!

Luckily I have used up more things than I added to my collection. Some of products that I’ve gotten were purchased by me, other were gifts or freebies from SPA day. In perfume category I finally picked up my old perfume that was still at my mother’s house, even though I moved out years ago.

My updated numbers look like this:

Hygiene and skincare

Product category Previous amount Current amount
dry shampoo 2 2
conditioner 5 4
shampoo 4 5
hair oils 2 1
micellar water 2 2
cleansing gel/cleansing bar 3 5
deodorants 3 3
soap bar 13 16
face mask 6 3
face cream 4 3
body lotion 7 5
serum 2 2
eye cream 2 2
hand cream 4 3

In hygiene and skincare category I added 6 products to my stash but I’ve ‘used up’ 9. I didn’t count in all the empties from previous months and products I’ve replaced because in my inventory I focus on numbers of products that I own. If I counted in products I’ve used up, that number would be higher. I think that next update will be more accurate, as I plan to only use up things I already own and looking at the numbers, I don’t have a need to buy any replacements till the end of the year.
Make up

Product category Previous amount Current amount
setting spray 2 2
eyeshadow pallete 3 3
single shadow 3 1
eyeliner 1 1
mascara 2 3
lip stick 1 2
lip gloss 2 2
lip balm 3 3
lip pencil 1 1
eyebrow pencil 2 1
eyebrow gel 1 1
blush 1 1
highlighter 1 1
primer 2 3
foundation 2 2
setting powder 1 2
perfume 3 4

In make up category I added 5 items to my collection and I’ve used up 3. Numbers in my make up inventory are more accurate than in skincare. But then again, I’m not going to purchase any new make up products till the end of the year, unless I really need to replace something. I suspect that won’t be the case.

What I’m planning to do for the rest of the year is to go on a sort of a replacement only no buy on both skincare and make up. What it means is that if I don’t go down to 0 in some product category, I can’t buy a new thing that belongs in that category. And if I use up every single product in one category, I can only buy one product.

I also have purchased two advent calendars – 2D Rituals and Yves Rocher. I have not included them in my inventory, as I haven’t unboxed them yet. It means that there will be a lot of skincare products in sample sizes coming to my collection in December. I really don’t need more products coming into my life.

I still have 2.5 months for the numbers to go down and figure out what to do in 2022. Replacement only no buy seems like a good idea in my case. I will definitely post about my decision in the future, so if you are interested in following my journey, subscribe to my blog and check out my Instagram for more project pan/empties pictures 😊

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