I’ve been eyeing Anastasia Beverly Hills for couple months. Recently they came out with Primrose eyeshadow pallete and I decided that it is the best color scheme for me from all the Anastasia pallets I’ve been considering. I didn’t want to get it right away, as I still have plenty of eyeshadows to last me around 2 years with consistent use. Then I decided that I’m going on a no buy but if I achieve certain private life goal in 2022, I’m allowed to get it. And then life happened – my boyfriend apparently reads my mind and gifted me Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose palette 😬

Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose eyeshadow pallete

It’s my first Anastasia pallete. Outside packaging feels nice and sturdy. Definitely more expensive than any of my other eyeshadow pallets. I couldn’t keep my fingers out of the pans before taking a picture when it arrived. I love the shimmer shades in this pallete. Matte shades are also nice but I had some trouble with swatching them evenly. Excuse my clumsy swatches, I had to do them with my left hand 🙈

Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose palette swatches
Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose palette swatches
Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose palette swatches

Color story of Primrose palette is good for both everyday and more glamorous make up looks. Shimmers swatch beautifully and perform good on the eyelids (there’s a bit of fall out though, but I do my eyes before my face anyways). I had some trouble with Claret. Deep Berry looks way different in the pan than on my swatches. But even with those little issues, I’m very impressed and happy that I have this pallete.

It contains 10 eyeshadows and 2 blushes. Because I don’t use blush at all, even though it is trending right now in beauty community, I used blush shades from this pallete as an eyeshadow and it came out pretty good. I experienced some fall out but I always do my eyes first, so it wasn’t too much of an issue. My make up lasted for many hours before I took it off. Most of the time my eyeshadow wore off nicely, without noticeable creasing.

Retail price of this pallete in my country ranges around €60.99, depending on the retailer. Even though it launched recently, I’ve seen it already on sale in some places. I know that my boyfriend bought it for discounted price (around €40) and I’m glad that he did. I don’t say I wouldn’t buy it full price, because that was my plan at first, but it is always nice to pay less. With seasonal discounts coming soon, it would be foolish to get it right away when it launched.

I wonder how it performs sales-wise, since I haven’t heard too much about it in the beauty community. But I think it is a great product for everyday make up consumers – not so much for beauty community members, because they already have most of those shades somewhere in their collection. Maybe that’s why I heard so little about it, compared to other ABH launches.

Overall it’s a good pallete for people who want to try ABH and are looking for more neutral color scheme eyeshadows for everyday use. I’m glad that I got to try Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow formula and I’m sure that I will get a good use out of this pallete.

What are your thoughts about this ABH product? Did you get it? Or maybe you plan to? Share your opinion below! 😊

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